How to choose your perfect engagement ring?

Engagement ring is one of the most important rings in a woman's life. But how to choose your perfect engagement ring? Some people may think that as long as the diamond or gemstone on the ring is big enough, it is a perfect ring. This is not true, each girl has different characteristics. So the perfect ring for you must be unique. Hereafter, you will get the basic knowledge of how to choose the perfect engagement ring for you.

  •  Small hands with short fingers

Generally if your average finger length is about 5cm, then your hands must be short and cute as a child. Thus you have to choose sophisticated and well-designed rings to wear. We'll never recommend you to choose square rings, round rings, rings with complicated shapes or heavy weight because these rings will make the fingers look shorter and the whole hand looks more heavy. 

Garland | 18K Gold Plated Melee Moissanite Ring

Garland | 18K Gold Plated Melee Moissanite Ring

This small but well crafted style will make your fingers look more slenderer and delicate. The unique geometric lines of the band also make the ring more fashionable, and look so pretty on the hand.

  •  Plump and chubby hands

Generally, if you wear a ring with a size 8 or above on your ring finger, you may be one of the girls with plump and chubby hands. If so, you are not suitable for wide and complicated rings. Wearing a narrow or streamlined ring will make your fingers look more graceful. For this hand type, an exaggerated diamond ring or gemstone ring will be the best choice.

Regal Cushion | Zircon Gemstones Band Moissanite Ring (1.0ct)

regal cushion moissanite ring

This style is set with multiple moissanite stones, with smaller moissanite stones in addition to the main gemstone as a backdrop, creating a more sparkling light and highlighting the characteristics of a noble hand.

  •  Boney hands with slim fingers

Boney hands with slim fingers are the perfect hand shape, but not fit for all ring styles. Long, slender fingers look better in horizontal ring bands with high, wide, multi-layered, round and cushion stones.

Mezzo | Zircon Gemstones Band Moissanite Ring (0.5~3ct)

Mezzo moissanite ring

The slimness of the band cleverly hides the sharpness of the metal, giving the moissanite stone its visual beauty and accentuating the delicate elegance of the hand.